Commercial use filter

Chlorine Reduction (Taste and Odor)

Chlorine is a substance that causes unpleasant taste and odor, deterioration of coffee taste, and corrosion of equipment. The FLUUX filter sustains a removal performance level of 96% or more until replacement.

Particule Reduction

Particles degrade the taste of Ice and food & beverages. The FLUUX filter maintains an appropriate TDS.

Turbidity Reduction

Particulate matter causes filter clogging and shortens filter/device life, which is the cause of frequent filter/device replacement. The FLUUX filter removes 99% or more of turbidity and particulates.

Hardness Reduction

Hardness causes damage to heating devices such as coffee machines and is an important factor that determines the taste of coffee. The FLUUX soft water filter can provide an 8-step solution for adjusting the appropriate concentration according to the water quality delivered.

Scale Reduction

Scales precipitate in heating or cooling equipment, drastically reducing the efficiency of the equipment and shortening its life. The FLUUX scale filter suppresses scale build-up by applying phosphate coating to the pipework.

Cyst Reduction

Water-borne cysts are commonly found in tap water and are organic pollutants that cause abdominal pain and diarrhea when ingested in large amounts. The FLUUX filter removes 99.99% or more of cysts.

Arsenic Reduction

Arsenic is a carcinogen that is widely distributed in nature and causes problems where groundwater is used. With dual carbon technology, the FLUUX filter can consistently remove more than 90% of arsenic in water up to the time of replacement.

PFOS/PFOA Reduction

PFOS/PFOA is difficult to remove completely even with high-level water purification, and when water is boiled, its concentration increases, which causes damage to the immune system and liver, and causes cancer. The FLUUX filter provides safe water by consistently removing 97% or more up to the time of replacement.

Lead/Mercury Reduction

Lead and mercury are representative heavy metals mainly detected in old water pipes, and the exposure to them can cause nerve disorders in human bodies. The FLUUX filter provides water protected from heavy metals by consistently removing 98% or more up to the time of replacement.