Commercial use filter

The roles of Microfilter commercial water filters in the food service industry

Improving Equipment Efficiency and Longevity

Protecting expensive equipment and extending its life

Low quality water can damage machines. Scales generated by the buildup of dissolved minerals on machine surfaces cause more frequent failures, require more maintenance, and ultimately shorten machine life. By preventing these scales, we protect the operator's equipment.

Cost reduction

If scales accumulate on a heating element, this can impede heat transfer and reduce energy efficiency, and cause malfunctions due to internal leakage, which lowers the efficiency of the operator's equipment. Microfilter commercial water filters maximize the efficiency of such an equipment and minimize product maintenance costs.

Ease of use and quick replacement

The SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) head enables quick and easy filter replacement, minimizing maintenance labor. In addition, the automatic raw water cutoff head ensures hygienic filter management without water leakage when replacing the filter.

Quality and Consistency of Taste

Improving product taste

Several contaminants, including dissolved minerals in water and sediment particles of chlorine and other disinfectants, can cause unpleasant odors, which deteriorate the taste of cold beverages and lead to the use of more beverage syrups. Using Microfilter filtered water ensures improved taste even with the recommended level of syrup.

Consistent quality and continuous filtration performance

Filtration performance that extends the life of the filter ensures consistent product quality.

Effects on Business

Positive impact on brand image

Reduced production quality due to machine failure can lead to customer dissatisfaction and damage to brand reputation. Microfilter provides filters optimized for brand operation based on strict quality standards.

Increased customer confidence

Our performance in removing harmful substances has been certified by a global certification body. We ensure a clean and safe water supply.