Commercial use filter

Using good water is

a fundamental and important factor in achieving business success.

Microfilter boasts the industry's best technology in water filtration, developed based on its long business experience.

About thirty dedicated R&D professionals generate innovation by utilizing the company’s R&D infrastructure. Our company contributes to the business of various customers by implementing customized products and world-class performance in various fields such as materials, parts, and filtration systems

In the food service industry or in commercial facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores, water quality management is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty management and for reducing facility maintenance costs. Large amounts of dissolved minerals, disinfectants, fine particles, bacteria, etc. can cause an unpleasant taste, and the use of such water can cause corrosion of metal machinery and rubber components inside equipment. Filtering water containing disinfection by-products, impurities, and scales can ensure consistency in taste and prevent the accumulation of scale inside machinery. Operating the machines more efficiently and minimizing maintenance problems through filtration can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

FLUUX is the name of a product that Microfilter has developed building on our twenty years of technological achievements and strict quality control know-how, to present solutions suitable for commercial uses. FLUUX contributes to the success of our customers' business by providing optimal solutions in response to their diverse business environments.